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"Does Your Mother Know?" - ABBA night Slashiness! [Nov. 29th, 2006|12:35 am]
Loumon Forever


I've recently grown fascinated by this pairing. If anyone would like to know why then here's a transcript of the Judges' comments taken from the "ABBA night" a few weeks ago.

Script - X Factor's ABBA Night

[Gay band Eton Rd. finish their version of "Does Your Mother Know?" by ABBA]

[Crowd cheers and screams]

SIMON: [smirking] Okay. Okay. Erm...well it was camp as a row of tents, wasn't it?

[Crowd and Eton Road laugh]

SIMON: I mean...let's be honest; if Louis couldn't get ABBA night right there's a problem.

[Crowd laughs, Louis shrugs]

LOUIS: We did! We did!

SIMON: I mean, Louis, you have a massive, unfair advantage here.

[Louis stares at Simon open mouthed]

SIMON: But, you know what guys, you know, I wouldn't say vocally it was the best thing I've ever heard, I wouldn't say the choreography was the best I've ever seen - BUT: it was a million percent better than last week.

[Crowd cheers. Simon and Louis exchange glances]

SHARON OSBOURNE I gotta tell you guys, you know that I love you anyway, and he's right, it was as camp as Christmas, and I just love you so much.

[Crowd cheers]

SHARON OSBOURNE But, saying all of that, you know what, you took the song, you kept the spirit of ABBA, but you made it your own, and you are just such a delight to watch, you're great performers and that's what it's about.

[Crowd cheers]

LOUIS: I mean, boys, I'm really proud of Eton Road tonight [Simon smirks at Sharon] The harmonies were good, it's all about having fun -

SIMON: [Speaking away from the Mic and directed at Louis] But the crew and you didn't want to pick it...

[Sharon picks up her glass of water and goes to take a sip, turning away from Simon]

LOUIS: [Turning to Simon] - AND YOU KNOW - Simon - the one thing I wanna say Simon - The song's dedicated to you - it's called does your mother know?

[A few loud guffaws in the crowd, then the whole audience bursts into laughter. Sharon chokes on her water and nearly spits it out. Camera shows the band members of Eton Road are laughing too. Simon meanwhile is leaning forward and staring at Louis with an unsettling, incredulous half-smile, while mouthing something at him. (Perhaps "You? You..?") ]

MAIN SHOW PRESENTER [Cutting in quickly] Thanks judges! We'll leave that there!


Later on it's clear that something has happened between Simon and Louis as Simon does not turn up for the after show interviews.... :P

If you want to see this scene for real, then it's on after Eton Road's performance on this Youtube video (About 2 mins 50 seconds in)

Now...who's feeling a slashy fanfic based around this scene coming on...? ;o>

And that's not all - see the Simon/Sharon kiss and a very interesting slashy comment made by Simon about Louis on this Xtra Factor video!

And finally, Simon and Louis giggling like a pair of naughty schoolboys on this audition video Just the Two of Us... If anything it shows that they get on much better than people think when not under pressure... and note the slashy song the show editors put on in the background..! XD

[User Picture]From: glitchinggecko
2006-11-29 07:00 pm (UTC)
Oooh ty ty ty! That was great, and it's made me now want to watch all the previous episodes, which is what I will now do :-)

Re: Now...who's feeling a slashy fanfic based around this scene coming on...? ;o>

Actually, part 4 of my Louis/Simon fic is mostly about that. It starts off at th National Television Awards, which later sparked off this lovely article ( http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,11050-2006510577,00.html ) which almost made me so hyper I actually ran the half mile to the shops to go buy it... and finishes... well I can't say where it finishes, cause that spoils part 5, but it finishes the night after the show, so its got all about the Xtra Factor interview un-apearance.
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[User Picture]From: thirteen_ravens
2006-11-30 12:21 am (UTC)
Heh, what I tend to do when writing slash is incorporate actual dialogue or a RL scene, and then carry on from there. So...if I do write a cookie it will follow on from my posted transcript... ;o>

I've never attempted to write Simon Cowell, of course, but my guess is that he's not too far away verbally from Professor Snape of the Harry Potter series. (And seeing as I write that insulting git into fanfics already it shouldn't be too much of a shift...! *smirk* XD )
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[User Picture]From: glitchinggecko
2006-11-30 03:24 am (UTC)
Ooh! You write HP Fic! I read it mostly, and have done one RPS.

What pairings do you write?
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[User Picture]From: thirteen_ravens
2006-11-30 12:30 pm (UTC)
Heh, well I've written mostly "adventure" or comedy fics, but with pairings as a central plotline I have written one Snape/Black fic (Unusual...heh ;o>) and one Snape/Hermione fic.

I almost turned another one of my fics into a Snape/Lupin due to reviewer demand, but I never finished it... XD
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[User Picture]From: glitchinggecko
2006-11-30 11:19 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I like Snape/Black, although my favourite is Harry/Draco and Harry/Lupin.

Snape/Lupin sounds interesting though, I might have to read some of that :-)

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