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Loumon Forever

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Does Your Mother Know That You're...Out?

A home on LJ for fans of the pairing of Simon Cowell/Louis Walsh!

Its pretty easy to figure out if you have a problem with homosexuality or real person slash then this ISN'T the place for you! Please leave us alone in our madness and don't cause trouble.

I expect this to sadly be a small community but just in case basic rules -

o All posts must be about some form of gayness between Louis and Simon

o Fic to be posted under a LJ CUT, unless its a drabble in which case I'm sure we can handle 100 words of Loumon on our flists!

o All images wider than 600px under a cut please, same goes for more than 5 icons!

o Enjoy yourself, this is meant to be for fun purposes!

...but other than that please feel free to post pics, fics, links, start discussions, ask questions or just share that you think they're gay and together too!